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welcome to our café

The concept is simple.

We invite creatives from a range of 
artistic disciplines to our café every week.


You visit us at our café (whenever suits you)
and ask our creatives about their job roles,
how they got their starts, how much they earn,
where they studied, what they studied,
if they found it helpful...the list goes on.

Basically, you can ask our creatives
about whatever you want to know
and they will tell you.


the who, the what, the where & the why about

the who, the what, the where & the why

our café is a community arts space

Founded upon the principles of equality,
diversity and inclusion, at our café, we believe that

young people need and deserve guidance beyond what is currently available to them at school;
or through traditional educational pathways.

 Our independent and impartial framework affords us the scope to unpack a range of enquiries,
enabling us the freedom to direct visitors to specific, impactful, accessible and appropriate resources.

our café

our café croydon

Opening TBC

a sneak peak inside our café gallery

take a sneak peak inside our café

a little preview of our staple items menu

a little preview of our staple items