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Our My Your

The Creative Network


Our My Your Ltd is a multi-faceted company that endeavours to educate, showcase, highlight and promote the full spectrum of the creative arts and culture.


Divided into 3 subsections: 

OUR, MY and YOUR, we provide targeted information surrounding

the Fashion, Literature, Art, Music and Entertainment industries.

Layla & Renée - Louise  



Founded upon principles of collaboration, creative expression, inclusion and equal opportunity, #OMY Magazine is the primary output of OUR.
Published biannually, #OMY Magazine is produced by a global team of creatives and is the destination for artistic, educational and thought-provoking research into the reality of joining, operating and flourishing within different industries.

Following closely behind #OMY is "our café": a new concept space, coming soon. Watch our teaser now. 


Personal professional development is impressed upon creatives at any stage of their career, so MY introduces: My:Creative Workshops (M:CW)

Enabling individuals to purposefully develop specific skill sets, build meaningful relationships and better understand their own practice, MY challenges individuals to take responsibility of and play an active role in their creative journey towards success.


YOUR is an information data stream where individuals can post questions and research answers to questions surrounding the creative arts industries.


Populated with responses from practitioners across various industries, at different stages in their career, YOUR is a space for learning, understanding and open source information sharing.

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